What Can A Digital Will Do For You?

A Secure, Modern Way to Document Your Digital Footprint and Capture Your Final Wishes.

Estate planning attorneys can charge thousands of dollars to prepare legal wills and trusts – and even bill to update and store the documents. Sadly, what happens to your digital footprint after you pass is often overlooked. That’s where we come in.

At DigitalWill.com, not only have we built a platform that allows our members to document what happens to their digital footprint after they pass – but they can also write personalized messages to loved ones, provide details for online account access, store important documents and even capture their final wishes - all to be delivered to selected executors after their death.

What Digital Will Can Do For YOU

DigitalWill.com is the first and only solution to address these problems in the estate planning industry.

When you prepare you digital will with us, you get:


Update your will as often as you like without the need to travel or write a check.


Assign assets and instruction to chosen executors guaranteeing that your wishes are carried out properly.

Peace of Mind

Your digital assets are handled in the manner you choose and your loved ones know your affairs are in order in their time of grief.


We make it easy for your final wishes to be captured, documented, and carried out.

Your Digital Will Gives You Control Over Digital assets

Online Accounts

Save passwords and instructions for your social accounts, email, financial institutions, utilities, subscriptions, health portals, and more.

Pick Your Executors

Give your son, access to your bank accounts and your sister access to your iCloud account to preserve your photo library.

Let Us Do The Hard Work

When one or more of your executors report your death, we’ll start our verification process. Once confirmed, we’ll release your digital will to your assigned executors and send your parting messages to those you noted.

DigitalWill.com Offers Flexibility To

Update Online accounts

Have a new bank account? Inherit some digital currency? You can quickly and easily add or remove accounts with just a few clicks.

Change Executors

Family dynamics change over time - and you may no longer want to have your once trustworthy Nephew Jack have access to your bank accounts. You can easily update who has access to your private account information.

Plan Your Funeral Wishes

Have a meaningful song you would like played at your funeral? Want it to be more of a ‘celebration of life’ rather than a sad occasion? Document your funeral plans and they’ll be delivered to your executors.

DigitalWill.com gives you and your family peace of mind, with features such as

Final Messages

Personalized final messages delivered to loved ones upon your passing. Want to leave a special message for your granddaughter, but a completely different message for your sister? These messages will be delivered to them directly by DigitalWill.com upon your death.

Personal Documents

Upload personal documents including birth certificates, military records, health information, and so much more so loved ones aren’t frantically trying to find them while they are mourning.

DigitalWill.com offers a global solution to a problem that exists for everyone.

Sign up today to receive your digital will FREE for life. That’s a savings of $300/year when you sign up today – all you need to provide is your email address!