What can a Digital Will do for you?

Protect your legacy and secure your future by giving peace of mind to you and your loved ones.

Don't let death be a source of stress and uncertainty. DigitalWill.com offers a secure solution to help you prepare for the inevitable. Our platform gives you the power, versatility, and peace of mind to ensure your digital legacy is recorded and your final wishes are carried out exactly as you desire. Say goodbye to the worries of what will happen to your digital presence, and take control today with DigitalWill.

Keep your important documents, assets, and wishes organized and easily accessible for your loved ones. Say goodbye to the hassle and confusion of traditional wills, and say hello to the convenience and simplicity of Digital Will. Store, manage, and share your information securely and with ease. Get started with Digital Will today!

What Does Digital Will Do For You?


Update your will as often as you like without the need to travel or write a check.


Assign assets and instruction to chosen executors guaranteeing that your wishes are carried out properly.

Peace of Mind

Your digital assets are handled in the manner you choose and your loved ones know your affairs are in order in their time of grief.


We make it easy for your final wishes to be captured, documented, and carried out.

Your Life, Your Legacy, Your Digital Will.

My Records

Save passwords and instructions for your social accounts, email, financial institutions, utilities, subscriptions, health portals, and more.

My Accounts

Give your son, access to your bank accounts and your sister access to your icloud account to preserve your photo library.

My Wishes

When one or more of your executors report your death, we’ll start our verification process. Once confirmed, we’ll release your digital will to your assigned executors and send your parting messages to those you noted.

An All-In-One Death Tech Solution

How to get started

In the fast-paced digital world, it's essential to have a plan in place for your digital assets. A digital will provides peace of mind and ensures that your wishes are respected after you're gone.

Building your Digital Will

At DigitalWill, we believe that preparing for death shouldn't be complicated, expensive, or overlooked. That's why we've created a secure, modern platform that gives our members the control, flexibility, and peace of mind they need to ensure their digital footprint is documented and their final wishes are carried out exactly as they've planned.

Assign tasks to your executors

Your executors will be responsible for following your instructions surrounding your digital will. Your account information is kept 100% private until after your death has been confirmed.


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