A Smart Way To Prepare For Death.

Death can be an uncomfortable topic, but DigitalWill.com is here to help you plan for the inevitable. We’ve built a secure service that gives you the control, flexibility, and peace of mind you need to ensure your digital footprint is documented and final wishes carried out exactly as you’ve planned.

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“Creating a digital will is becoming increasingly important…Thinking about this now for yourself or an aging family member will help survivors properly notify and close down accounts posthumously.”

“With so many day-to-day functions, tasks and memories now taking place online, the question of what will become of your digital legacy has become increasingly important. Making a plan now can prevent identity theft, preserve documents and records you want saved, and have your final wishes executed as you intend.”

“From airline rewards and credit card points to social media accounts and cryptocurrencies, the checklist of assets to plan for has grown longer. Creating a digital will with your online financial accounts, as well as passwords, can help ensure none of those assets are overlooked.”

Create a Digital Will In Minutes

DigitalWill.com’s trusted service is built to convey your final wishes on your behalf after you’re gone. From capturing your funeral wishes to distributing personal messages after you pass, your loved ones will thank you.

How Does It Work?

You’ll create an account, pick your executors, answer a series of questions, provide requested details, and we’ll do the rest. You’ll have a step by step plan laid out for your executors to follow that includes:

Final Wishes

Account Details & Requests

(social, email, financial, subscriptions, etc.)

Final Wishes

Heartfelt messages for family & friends

(using our various prompts to record final wishes)

Final Wishes

Personal Documents

(medical records, birth certificates, military records, etc.)

“Online accounts and digital media are valuable, and they could be misused, locked up or even lost if you don’t take the right steps. Your estate plan isn’t complete unless you’ve accounted for your digital assets.”

What You Can Do

Final Wishes

Final Wishes

Document your funeral wishes, compose final messages, and even write your obituary.

Final Wishes

Important Accounts

Securely store social, email, financial, and subscription account details and wishes.

Final Wishes

Personal Records

House personal records such as birth certificates, medical records, passport, etc.

Kevin O'Flaherty'

“Unlike something like the deed to your home, which is usually an inherently safe document, a digital asset is at risk of being stolen or manipulated by a third party. You should have protection in place for that digital asset and that protection should be included in your estate planning.”

- Kevin O’Flaherty,
Attorney - Estate Planning

Tim Bajarin

“When it comes to end-of-life planning and their estate, I believe most people don't even think about their digital footprint. But they should. Many of us have created an incredible legacy of content over the years.”

- Tim Bajarin,
Chairman - Market Strategies

Abby Suffolk

“More and more people now have an entire cyber existence to take care of – questions like; shutting down of Facebook profiles, logging into Twitter accounts, and how to access a deceased person’s email are all common questions. This is why one NEEDS a digital will.”

- Abby Suffolk,
Attorney - Elder Law

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