Our Story

How an unexpected passing disrupted the estate planning industry.

When founder Art Shaikh’s father unexpectedly passed away in 2013, he didn’t have a will – let alone an outlet for storing his login information for various online accounts. Art and his family were left scrambling to access his online financial accounts, email account and storage clouds. His iCloud account alone stored 10,000+ valuable family photos and videos that spanned decades. The thought of losing those precious digital memories was devastating to the family – all while mourning the unexpected loss of the family’s patriarch.

Art worked tirelessly for months to gain access to his father’s digital footprint – and it sparked an idea. There has to be a more modern, trustworthy way to document and share access to your digital footprint and dictate what happens to those accounts after you pass.

The Story of Digital Will

As he talked to friends about these issues, Art realized that this was a problem with no modern solution. Online estate planning companies simply provide you with a PDF which you still need to have executed on your behalf when you pass away.

DigitalWill.com is the modern solution to problems faced by millions of people around the world who want to ensure their loved ones aren’t burdened further during their time of grief. Born from a father’s unexpected passing, and carried out by a dedicated son.

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